Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Franklin Square Redux

In my last post I had mentioned that a park near work, Franklin Square, seemed to be one of those detractors for a city that brings the neighborhood down. It appears I was wrong. While I was out picking up some lunch this afternoon I happened to be waiting on one of my co-workers and I looked across to the park. From my elevated position I could see kids running around in the fenced area of the park. That leads me to believe that the construction that was or is there is to rehabilitate the park and it is still used because it’s the only thing like it in the area. That doesn’t, however, solve the problem of homeless using the park and making the public facing areas cast a pall over the entire park. The fenced area is used and mostly hidden from the public. That fence only does one thing, create a divide and force there to be essentially 2 parks. Now, without the fence there would probably be not as desirable a usage of the field areas and quite literally the park might be overrun by homeless (in fact, I suspect that was once the case). However with the lax attitude San Francisco has to the homeless it’s no surprise that the park appears the way it does. I’m still not going use the park because it’s inconvenient though.