Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Closet Morrissey Fan?

This weekend I was listening to some music by Alkaline Trio and Tiger Army. My roommate asked if either band was Morrissey. At that point I totally heard the similarity, but up until that point I had never made a connection. Now, I’m not a huge Morrissey fan. I like his music but I don’t own any nor listen to it (in fact it may have been several years since I last heard any Morrissey). I’m just wondering, does this make me a closet Morrissey fan? I’m sure that Alkaline Trio (punk) and Tiger Army (psychobilly) have some influences from Morrissey, but I don’t know that I would necessarily like him on a regular basis that much. I guess I’m just really surprised at the connections one can make with more and more knowledge packed into your noodle.