Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Recurring Dream

Do you ever have recurring dreams? I do. For many years I’ve had recurring dreams that I’m in a car wreck and I lose part of one of my legs. It’s never the same leg, but is usually the right leg. Sometimes I’m driving and sometimes I’m a passenger. Over the years it’s been in different cars and with different people. Last nights version was me as a passenger in my roommates car. We were blind sided and I lost my right leg from the knee down. Then I got a prosthetic and ended up working with the doctor and developer of the leg to give all prosthetics better AI software so they were more life-like. It’s so odd. I’m sure it will continue just like the other recurring dreams I have. The The first person to suggest therapy is going to get a big slap on the back of the head the next time I see them.