Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

New Music

It’s actually been a while since I got some new music so I went over to Interpunk

and ordered a few things.

[A Wilhelm Scream]( "A Wilhelm Scream"):
*mute print* & *benefits of thinking out loud*  
Coming out of New Bedford, Massachusetts these guys pump out some
really good melodic hardcore. They used to be known as Smackin'
Isaiah, but changed names when the lineup changed a bit. Both
albums are good. *mute print* is definitely more polished, but it
has the benefit of being newer too.
  • Nekromantix: Dead Girls Don’t Cry
    Once again the psycho-billy goth rockers from Denmark hit the mark. Providing a great sound with a stand-up bass and solid lyrics the Nekromantix will take you into the dark places you are curious about. When I listen to it I get a feeling of old buildings and little understood customs of some long gone underground group. Good stuff. I’ve never been disappointed by them, although the 30+ minutes of “Outro” was a bit much.

  • Alkaline Trio/ One Man Army: Split Series Vol. 5
    The BYO Split Series has been pretty popular so far. Generally it brings two bands that aren’t that close onto one record. This time it’s Chicago rockers Alkaline Trio (Alk3) and Frisco’s One Man Army (OMA). In the past I’ve been a big fan of Alk3 and I still listen to those albums all the time. I neglected to pick up their last couple of releases because the few samples I heard off of them just didn’t seem to have the same passion in them. Well, now that I’ve heard the Alk3 half of the split I’ll have to re-evaluate that position. They have just as much passion as before and just as solid lyrics. I’m glad to hear the same heart in the music as before. OMA, what more can you say. OMA rocks and there is not much more one can say about it, there that’s out of the way. The songs on the split are well rounded and classic OMA. I would say if you like one or the other of these bands you should just pick up the split and be done with it.

  • Various Artists: Rock Against Bush Vol. 1
    Fat Wreck has pulled together 26 bands and gotten a lot of unreleased or rare tracks for this compilation. There is a DVD included too, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. In the liner notes are 40 reasons not to vote for Bush Jr. It’s a nice way for these guys to take a stand on what they believe in and for you to hear some good rock.