Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Seen on the Walk to Work

Walking from the BART stop to the office the other morning I saw a quite peculiar sight. A man was riding a 50’s era bicycle down the street against traffic (the wrong way that is). Only his right hand was on the handle bar and in his left hand was clutched a portable radio/tape machine. As he rode along he would listen to a bit of music, then hit the fast-forward or rewind button to move the position of the tape. It was audibly odd. Sort of a la la la…screeeeeet…woo woo woo la…screeeeeet screeeeeet…la la hey sound. The people were singing to him, but that’s not what he wanted to hear. The whole time he was doing this he never looked up, I hope he made it wherever he was going okay.