Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Kansas City: A Day Around the Town

Memorial for those that have fallen for our freedom Well, my first full day in Kansas City since I was about three. I don’t remember much of that trip 27 years ago, but I do remember being in KC. I went with my parents and my sister to see some of the sights around KC. First we went to the Union Station. It’s an old style train station that has been wonderfully restored and added to with shops and something called the “Science City” that has theaters and stuff. After that we went across the street to the Liberty Memorial and Museum (more). After World War One this was built to honor those that fought in the war. I got some decent pictures of it that I’ll put up once I get home, but for now that’s where the picture in this story comes from. There are stone tiles with the names of people that served memorialized on them. I was most impressed with the tower and dual sphinxes. The sphinxes are probably the coolest symbol of remembrance of the Great War. Both have their wings shielding their faces, one to shield themselves from the horrors of war, the other to symbolize that the future is unknown. The museum was impressive even though it was very small. They are working on expanding into the open area beneath the tower, so that might be a reason to come back to KC in the future. For lunch we went to a place recommended by several friends, Arthur Bryant’s and it was every bit as good as they said. If you go there get the burnt ends. Yum. After that we went out to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library. That was interesting to visit. I can see how come he was such a popular president. Our current administration could learn a lesson or two from him. Anyway, that was a good day and now I’m off the rehersal dinner. That should be fun. As I said, pictures from the trip later.