Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Another Dream...

…well, one that I remember at least. I shall describe it here so I can find it again later. It starts out with my family and I driving in my car. My mom is operating it and we’re on Galveston Island. Along the major city portion of Galveston is a sea wall. It was built after the 1900 storm and raised the level of the entire city by 17 feet. So, in my dream it’s a little different than reality. At the west end of the wall it’s not 17 feet but about 100 feet and very narrow. There are also factories or refineries along both sides. As we’re driving along a giant storm has come in and there is water up around the refineries and really close to the top of the sea wall. Pipes and stacks are still visible and still billowing but there is very cool looking wave action happening around them. At this point something goes wrong with the narrow roadway and we end up careening off the side and into one of the refineries. It’s amazingly open inside and quite calm under the water. Once the car settles on some platform I open the door and it’s like we’re under water, but no water comes rushing in. We can talk, but also swim around and everything seems to work so I try to make a call on my cell phone, only I can’t because I have no signal. As we’re waiting in the bowels of this refinery an elevator door opens and this woman tells us she’s the caretaker of the place. She lets us into the elevator. Once we’re topside we end up on the beach with the 17 foot sea wall that is right next to the 100 foot sea wall and the refinery is still under water. At this point the army is hoisting our vehicle out of the water for us with some helicopters. Only they don’t pull my car out the first time, instead it’s some other silver car that some other guy claims is his, but when he gets into it it turns into a very futuristic looking two wheeled motorcycle but with a large passenger compartment. He drives off and then I wake up. I love remembering dreams, it’s too bad I don’t do it more often.