Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

March to Misfits

More new music, of course.

**Mudhoney - *March To Fuzz***: Many bands came from Seattle,
especially during the "grunge" era. One of the ones that was making
noise before the scene blew up was Mudhoney. The guys made some
nice music and this is a collection of it. Disc 1 is a best of
which is hard to put down. There are so many songs on it spanning
their entire catalog and not a one doesn't belong on there. Disc 2
is a rarities and b-sides collection. I didn't know if I would get
into this one, but I have really found it to be a great collection
of stuff I had never heard. If you ever liked Mudhoney this release
is one to get for sure.
  • Misfits – Box Set: I like the Misfits. I hadn’t picked up this set in the time since its release so getting it now seemed like a good idea. Now that I have all the Misfits back albums I could ever want there will be no need for me to complain internally that I don’t have a certain song to listen to.