Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks


Well, around six months ago I decided to take a job in California. The most major reason I had for making the move was I was sick of living in New York and messing with snow and ice. Sometime last winter there was around two feet of snow for me to shovel off of my walk. Then, because I had to park on the street there was almost double that around my car thanks to the plows. Granted, I was not alone in this, but I realized that was the last straw and I had to move someplace where it didn’t snow. Cut to now and I am living in the San Francisco area. It’s gotten cold some (into the 40s last night, and even 30s in some areas). It’s rained a good bit the last few weeks, but there has been no snow. Then I read that there were between one and two feet of snow in the Northeast. Eeep! I’m so glad I’m not there. I hope my friends are doing well, but I know I never want to live in that again. I’ll take brutally hot summers to avoid that. (of course, I say that now, but really, I’d do it to avoid shoveling snow and bad snow drivers).