Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Me, My Face, and I

Pardon me while I act clever and blockquote myself:

I was sitting at lunch one day and I felt that there had to be a way to see my friends that I don’t live near. Not every day, not even every week, but over time. One of the blogs that I started following is the photblog Ten Years Of My Life. On it Matthew Haughey has taken on the quite awesome project of taking one picture every day for 10 years. The about page for the project has a head shot of Mr. Haughey for every month. Then it struck me, that’s the perfect way for me to see the progression of life for my distant friends (in fact, that would be cool for all my friends to keep so that we can look back and see the past without the clouds of memory). So here we are, here, this is Me, My Face, And I. Every month I will be putting a new head shot up so friends, family, and strangers can see me over time. Sometimes I’ll be smiling, others I’ll be indifferent, and once or twice maybe I’ll be scowling. This isn’t about me on my best days or when I’m happy, it’s about me not wanting to lose touch with those I can’t see all the time. Once it’s setup it will take very little time every month. I’ll be trying to get my friends to start doing this too and as they come around I’ll link to them here. Contact me if you want more information. For those interested the layout is whatever you want, suggested image size is 100x100 to 200x200. I’m going with 175x175. Make sure to label your images with the at least the month and year they were taken. More exact dates are fine as are more than one picture per month (who knows, maybe you want to show off that awesome new red hair of yours :)

So, Ladies and Germs, I give you Me, My Face, And I. I’ll be contacting friends and acquaintances soon to see if they’re on board. Hopefully there will be more than a few people that join in. I’m releasing my images under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. You, however, are free to choose any license or restrictions you want. Have fun.