Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Hepcat @ Slim's

hepcat! Well, as much as I love Hepcat I had never seen them play. So, last night Dode, Ann Dial, and I went to Slim’s in San Francisco and saw them on their very small reunion tour (I think it’s only a few dates). They were really good, but seemed like they hadn’t played together in a while, still good though. The crowd was definitely much older than the normal shows I see at Slim’s, which was neither good nor bad, but just was. They played a good selection of tunes from all their albums and even a new song. It was good to see Alex up on stage, he had taken a brake from the band for a while in pursuing his acting career (he was the blind vendor on the CBS show Becker, I’m not sure if that’s even still on). At any rate, having both singers makes for a great show.