Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

BBQ at the Kopel-casa

So, on Saturday I went over to Mitch & Deb’s and help them cook some food for a barbecue that they were hosting. There was mucho food and drink. Many people eventually showed up. Keith and Colin came over and had the most amazing queso dip I’ve had in a long time. That plus the guacamole was heaven, heaven I tell you. Later in the evening Ryan (M&D’s cute as heck little boy) was watching an Elmo DVD before bed. He ended up chilling on the couch with Colin and Mark (who were also fascinated by the Elmo DVD): three cool guys So then, Ryan got enthralled with Colin and was crawling all over him. He was so darn cute: Ryan! The Cutest! So, a fun time, good food, and dessert (a great cake from Nina) was had by all.