Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Space Vessels & Jawas

Well, I got up this morning in time to see the first Chinese manned space vehicle fly overhead. It was hard to spot at first because the moon was so bright, but seeing it fly overhead made me happy. I’m glad China is able to keep going like that, however I do wish that all countries interested in space exploration would put their nationalistic pride to the side and just work together. It would be cheaper and get the entire planet farther along in the long run. Speaking of space, do you ever see Jawas in your neighborhood? I do. I guess it was the once or twice a year heavy trash day today, so everyone has been putting piles and piles of stuff out for the last couple of days. In the last day I’ve seen the same van at several places in my neighborhood. The passengers going through the piles of heavy trash and taking what treasures they want. Now, I’m not going to fault people for doing that, in this country (or what’s left of it) people are free to go through piles of refuse and take what they want. It’s just that they were overly enthusiastic about it, like Jawas on a droid.