Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Ahnald in Da Haus

Woo Hoo! The circus is in town for good! What a load of shit. If anything I think the California state constitution should be changed so that a recall effort needs way more people to get it going AND that if a governor is recalled the Lt. Gov. steps up. I mean, come now, doesn’t that make more sense? Ahnald things to watch out for:

  1. A settlement with the power companies with regards to the over charging and fixing they did during the “power crisis”. As it stands they owe about $9Billion (yes with a ‘B’) to California. There is a proposed settlement (from the Bush Administration no less) for around $0.02 on the dollar, cutting the refund to a paltry $180Million. If Arnold is serious about fixing this state he’ll force the full refund and close the budget deficit for this year. Too bad he’s squarely in the pockets of businessmen.

  2. He claims he wants to fix California, but when it comes to the hard parts what will he cut first? Education? That’ll be a hoot.

  3. Skeletor will be named Mistress of the Universe.

The people of this country also need to keep an eye out for this bill currently in the U.S. Senate. How dumb is Orin Hatch? Why the hell would he even propose an amendment to the Constitution to allow those not born here to become President? Hmm? I have a feeling this one would not fly in many parts of the country and thankfully amendments have a much larger hurdle to clear (2/3 of each house and then ¾ of the States within 7 years). I know I’m writing my Senators and Congress-people to tell them to vote against this.