Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Big Sur Camping

This last week was my friends Mark’s birthday. To celebrate there was camping in Big Sur. On Friday night I met Keith and Ian at Pixar, we loaded up my car and struck out for points south. We knew that since we had to leave later in the day traffic was going to be against us, but we survived. There was hiking at the Andrew Molera State Park on Saturday. The beach there was cool. Keith and I came back Saturday evening as we both had things to do on Sunday. Some hi-lights of the trip include: the cute dog we saw while in traffic. he couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth and kept licking with his tongue flopping around the whole time. it was very cute. the great windy drive in the dark down Highway One. the awesome large redwoods at the campground. the very cool sound the water made at the beach as it ran back into the ocean over the vast surface of rocks. it sounded a bit like clapping, very cool and quite unexpected. the fabulous drive back up Highway One in the evening. Some truly amazing scenery. There are pictures, including my first attempts at panoramas, but I haven’t yet cataloged them nor done the stitching yet.