Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Shuffled for Life: 36 of 5324

Sometimes while working I just have to have music. I guess a little background is in order. I work in a big open area at an animation studio. No cube, no office, just my desk (which is a whole other story) in it’s location and lots of other desks around me. It’s not so bad, but sometimes an office or even private-ish cube would be nicer (and we can’t all work in the perfection of the new FogCreek Software Office). So, to escape all the conversation around me I put on the headphones, put the iPod on shuffle by song and then randomly pick one song from all that I have on the unit. This brings us to the meat of the title (mmmm, meat, *drool*). Many times I’ll get a new album and I put it on my playlist titled a rock-n-roll lesson (named that way so it’s the first playlist on the iPod and the Playlists are the first menu entry so it’s easy to go straight into it and get playing). I listen to it for a while (and don’t forget, I have a commute so I get a chance to rock out to it in the car too) but after a while I always seem to gravitate to the shuffle songs thing. I just let the iPod play and play and play. There are 5324 songs currently on the iPod (named Bluntman btw). Sometimes it just what i want, a nice mix and it seems to get about the mood I’m in (however that is probably just a coincidence of what exactly is on the iPod). One thing I do find annoying occasionally is that the shuffles seems to get stuck on one artist. I’ll get 3 or 4 of the same artist in the same or different albums. That always gets on my nerves. The greatest thing about shuffling like this is you get a chance to listen to stuff you like but haven’t listened to in a long while. Anyway, it’s back to work time. I’m pleasantly blocking out the conversation to my left and the one right in front of me. Now if only i had a second monitor at work :) (update Wed Sep 24 12:18:03 PDT 2003) and dammit if the shuffle artist stick didn’t happen. Three in a row from Diesel Boy. Now, while I don’t mind that, I don’t want that either.