Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

So, I was sitting at work on Friday afternoon, working as usual, when Nina came up and asked me if I wanted some tickets to the San Francisco Giants game that night against the Arizona Diamondbacks. I said sure and they were mine. So, the first person I could think of that would go with me is Jan. He of course said yes. Come the end of work we drove over to the ballpark, got in, found our seats on the Club Level (which was very nice by the way) and discovered we were sitting with two other people from Wild Brain (Andrea and a visiting director). Many a beer was had, some food was consumed, and fun was had. As for the game, the poor Giants. They just lost all momentum in the top of the 7th when a caught out was called not an out. From that there were 6 runs against them in that inning that never should have been scored (for a total of 7). After that the Giants just didn’t play that strong and ended up loosing. Such is life. No matter the turn out of the game, Pac Bell is a great (if not the greatest) ballpark to go to.