Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Vipul on Spam

Last night was the September meeting for the SFOBUG and the speaker was none other than Vipul Ved Prakash of Vipul’s Razor fame and now the Chief Scientist at title=“Cloudmark, Inc.”>Cloudmark. Vipul came in and gave us an excellent overview of Razor and href=“” title=“SpamNet”>SpamNet and how they work with the Cloudmark servers. The overall structure of the process is fascinating (hopefully Vipul’s sketch will be available online soon and I’ll link to it then). He also went into a little bit of the way the spam email is analyzed and what is stored and what is thrown away. Since the Razor/SpamNet system is based on trust and community there are definitely benefits to blocking spam in this way. For instance, Vipul related the fact that when the Sobig virus started up they got a few reports from Denmark at first, then, with the trust in place the users of Razor and SpamNet had those emails blocked before Sobig got really going. Simply amazing. If online notes become available I’ll post a link to them or the notes themselves.