Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

This Alpha Walks Into a Bar...

So, I have worked with alpha-based computers for several years and I even had a few for a while, but in preparing to move I decided I didn’t want those any longer, but I did want an alpha. Well, this last week I put a posting on saying I wanted an alpha. This weekend I was able to pick one up really cheap. Man I love the Bay Area. I can probably find any hardware I’d want out here. The alpha is a Personal Workstation 600a: 21164A EV56 600MHz Alpha cpu 128MB RAM (with 2 open slots so I can expand it later) 2x 4GB SCSI hdd SCSI CD-ROM SCSI 4mm Tape Drive (DDS-3 DDS-2) This machine will be named Bob, after Silent Bob in the Jersey Trilogy.