Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Welcome Steve-Dave

Last week I went down to San Jose and picked up an UltraSparc 5. The specs are: – 333 MHz UltraSparc IIi with 2MB cache

– 512MB Ram (50ns stuff I think)

8.4GB IDE HDD (I'll add another one later, this is fine for now)
  • ATI video on-board (runs X-Windows at 1280x1024 16-bit with no problems)

That’s pretty much it. I’ve got OpenBSD-current running on it (3.4-beta as of this writing). Ports work fine except I already found a problem with my audio/p5-CDDB_get port, it fails the ioctl on big endian machines. In keeping with my naming convention of characters fromKevin Smith movies (with one exception, but I just loved the namesmudge too much not to use it) I’ve named this one Steve-Dave after the owner of Comic Toast in Mall Rats (mostly because it starts with an “s” just like sparc64).