Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks


I took my car in to the body shop yesterday to get the doors fixed after the break in. The body shop: nice, courteous, professional, timely. The car rental company: slow (it took about an hour to get a car), under-staffed, and they didn’t come to pick me up in a reasonable time, the body shop guys took me over to the rental place. Then, oh then, I got one of the most craptacular cars ever, the Toyota Echo. Not only does it feel flimsy driving (I mean, it’s grounded okay, but it bounces around a bit too easy. I’m thinking I need some sand-bags in the trunk or something), but the seats are uncomfortable and the controls are all in harder to reach locations. I so can’t wait to get my far superior VW Passat back. At least I won’t be phantom clutching in that.