Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

BitTorrent Bingo

Last night was the August meeting for the SFOBUG. We were fortunate enough to have Bram Cohen come and give a little talk about his groovy application, BitTorrent (if you don’t know about BitTorrent just know that it’s one hell of cool bandwidth sharing utility for downloads). Bram didn’t have a formal talk, but instead just gave a little background on BitTorrent (BT) and how it’s being used. He then went into a Q&A session about it. It’s 100% written in python (which is hella cool), has very groovy logic for TCP pipelining, and also is amazingly architected to provide the bandwidth sharing on massive downloads. There were notes taken and I’ll provide a link to them (or the notes themselves) once those are available.