Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

A Day With Mitch & Deb

So yesterday I got up early and met Mitch & Deb. We went over to San Anselmo for breakfast with Andre. After that we did a little hike in Ross (which was fun). Later Mitch & Deb invited me along to see some houses with them (they’re house hunting, but this was more to check out neighborhoods). We saw (in order) an okay house that stunk in a not so great neighborhood, an amazing house in a fantastic neighborhood (it had a view of the Bay and Golden Gate as well as a smashing layout), a house that wobbled a bit from all the people marching through it, and a finally two houses with odd layouts that were not at all suited to living in (the last house had a party room with a bar and “dancing” area with wood floors, mirrors on the walls, and a pole). It was fun and gave me an idea of the process for when I start looking for a place of my own.