Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Gimmie More Defness

But of course, more new music (did I mention I was an addict?). Anyway, today’s summary comes with two long standing bands that I like very much. DeftonesDeftones
I’m kind of surprised that the Deftones are only on their fourth album. Each one has been good and this self-titled effort is no exception. While not as screaming and hard with in-your-face explosiveness as Adrenaline (don’t get me wrong, Chino still belts it out) it definitely shows how the band has matured. The song writing is just as complete as on White Pony and Deftones evokes a sound that you don’t here from most bands. Staying true to themselves and their fans with songs like “Needles and Pins”, “Good Morning Beautiful”, and “Deathblow” means that this album will be sticking around in my play list for a while. Me First and the Gimme GimmesTake a Break
If there’s one thing I like it’s guys from punk bands getting together and putting out albums composed entirely of covers from a specific genre. The past has seen albums with hits from the 60’s & 70’s, show tunes, and now R&B hits. Take a Break brings us versions of songs from Prince, R Kelly, Stevie Wonder and others. I can’t stop listening to this one right now. So fantastic. Chris, you must get this one as soon as you can.