Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks


Siemens S56 So i broke down and got a new phone. With it comes new service (Cingular versus Sprint) and a new contract, but thems the breaks. I move from CDMA to GSM and I get one heck of a good phone (and at a good price too, I end up paying $50 for the phone after a rebate). I ended up selecting the Siemens S56 for several reasons. First, it is GSM. While CDMA is a fine system I decided that down the road it’d be easier to switch providers with a GSM system (but that’s a while off), however, when traveling I can get a pre-paid GSM SIM card and just put that in my phone and off I go. The S56 also has BlueTooth so that I can connect it to my computer and keep my address book and calendar in sync between the two (not to mention it’s a good way to keep it backed up). I also like the fact that I now have SMS text messaging, now my friend KP and I can send retarded messages back and forth across the country. I have to admit, this phone is so much lighter than my old phone (it’s about 3 ounces, eep!) I’m actually scared to lose it. It will all be fine, I just have to get used to it. Now I just have to transfer all the phone numbers around and I’ll be good to go. Many thanks to KP for pointers in the right direction, advice, and opinions.