Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

De-loused in 1985

More new music (of course). Today features a long awaited release, shall we get to it: The Mars Volta — De-Loused In The Comatorium
There once was a band, At the Drive-In. They were from El Paso, Texas and every album of theirs is fantastic. After releasing Relationship of Command they went on indefinite hiatus. From ATDI 3/5 became Sparta and the other 2/5 formed The Mars Volta. Sparta was first out the door with a full-length album, Wiretap Scars. I think Sparta is great, definitely a departure from ATDI, but in a good way. I listened to that album for 3 weeks straight and it’s still in regular rotation for me. Now The Mars Volta has released De-Loused and I find it fantastic too. A little weird at points, but great. To me Sparta and The Mars Volta have split, gone their own way, but picked up right where ATDI left off, just in different directions. The Mars Volta is a little closer to ATDI, especially on Relationship but even then they seem to have pushed it a little farther. This album will be in rotation for a long time. If you liked ATDI (especially Relationship of Command) then I suggest you pick this album up. If you’ve only ever heard Sparta then you may or may not like this, I can’t say for sure. However if the music doesn’t do it for you let the Rock Afros that they sport convince you. RufioMCMLXXXV
Another good effort from Rufio. While I did listen to this and I found it to be just as good as Perhaps, I Suppose… I have to admit I mostly listened to The Mars Volta all night. I’ll post an update when I listen to it some more in regular rotation. Sorry Rufio.