Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks


On Friday night a bunch of friends and I met up at the Metreon in San Francisco to see Hulk. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying I had no expectations of the movie. I loved the TV show as a kid. I love the character of the Hulk and I’m glad to see a movie made on it. I liked it. Some in our group hated it, but that’s fine, they’re more than welcome to do that. I thought the editing, pacing, transitions and storytelling were all exactly what was needed to transform a comic book into a feature film. It didn’t try to be more than it’s roots and I think it did a very good job of sticking to them. Ang Lee was very innovative in his use of comic book style transitions, it almost made me feel like I was reading a comic book. Some of the effects were off, but for the most part they really helped tell the story and fit just fine (it was also nice to see some friends names in the ILM section of the credits). Overall the movie satisfied me and I’ll definitely own it on DVD when it comes out. I liked the cameo from Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno. The acting, while not stellar, was just fine for a comic adaptation. If you’re expecting a movie like Spiderman you’ve got the wrong film, Hulk is much darker. I will say that of this summers comic adaptations so far I still like X-Men 2 better, but Hulk is definitely up there.