Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

25 Ring Circus

At least that’s how Dode described it, and I’m going to agree with him. What we were talking about was the Dropkick Murphys show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz last night. The pit was non-stop, I saw more mohawks in one night than I ever saw in New York, and the Murphys were absolutely incredible. They played for an hour straight with no breaks. I love seeing DKM, their shows are always so good. When we pulled up Al (the singer) was out front with his crew making sure some troublemakers weren’t causing problems. He was pissed and didn’t want them in to be allowed into the show (I think it was skinhead of some ill-gotten pursuasion…and yes, I know there are good skinheads). I just wish my friends Matt and CB could have been there. They would have enjoyed it. Oh well fellas, next time. Update (Tue Jun 17 17:40:09 PDT 2003): I nearly forgot to mention. There was more stagediving at that show than I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the people doing that were knocking mic cords out all over the place so the sound was a little off and on until the crew got it locked down. Some people did okay, one woman just looked like a dork trying to dance, she was so totally white and probably drunk. There was one injury that I saw, a guy that was easily 200+ lbs. dove off and squished a kid in the crowd. They took the kid out and his face was all bloody. I feel sorry for him, that big guy should have known better than to do that.