Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Oh yeah...more Rawk

Thanks to the very generous parting gift from my friends at Blue Sky I was able to get settled in San Francisco with some new punk rock. The albums are as follows: No Use For A NameLive In A Dive #1
good live show and one hell of a best of. I’m glad Fat Wreck Chords is putting out this series (although I will probably not get the Sick of it All). BracketLive In A Dive #2
again, really good live recording. I like most versions of the songs and it’s got most every Bracket song I could want. Strung OutLive In A Dive #4
ditto. also, the comic books in the CD insert are fantastic, especially this one. None More BlackFile Under Black
This group is coming out of the break up of Kid Dynamite. It’s no Kid Dynamite (yet), but it’s really damn good. I like cranking this on the way to work in the morning. Dropkick MurphysLive On St. Patrick’s Day
I wish I had seen these shows. I love the Murphys. In fact, I should be seeing them play this weekend. woo hooo! V/APunk-O-Rama Vol. 8
Yet another in a long line of fantastic and cheap comps from Epitaph. 2 Discs in this one. The Bad Religion song is awesome.