Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Wells, Nevada

Eastern Wyoming is beautiful. Western Wyoming is much less so, much more arid and scrubby. When you stack it all up though, they are both 100000 times better than Salt Lake City and the salt flats. When I drove through Salt Lake City two times 4 years ago the I-80 through downtown was closed, forcing a drive around the city on I-280 (the loop). Well, seeing as the Winter Olympics were coming it was kind of expected and Matt and I just vowed that we wouldn’t like Salt Lake. Well, now I got to drive through the city center and guess what?!?!?! The roads suck. I know it’s been four years since then and about a year or so since the Olympics, but if you are going to close a major east-west road like that then the resulting construction better be great roads. Instead they were crapy and bumpy and poorly signed when you got towards the mix-masters. The cats did way better with the ear pressure today than last time. Last time Joe was howling at one point, but today they just chilled in the back. They were so well behaved today I almost didn’t know what to do. I finished Dreamcatcher today, it ended just like I thought it would. Good, solid, and long is how I can best describe the book. I also got through Eiger Dreams (it was only like 5.75 hours long). I’m really glad Keith suggested that one to me, I should pick up Into Thin Air now (same author). Not much else going on today. As I pulled into Wells there was a big storm from off the mountains to the south. Lighting, a little rain, and lots of wind. The car was rocking and things were flying. There was so much dust kicked up at one point that I couldn’t really see, it was like a fog. As a result of the strong winds the power was knocked out so I’m sitting in a naturally lit motel room with no power. Wooo! Thank Gord for the laptop so I can write this down. I ended up switching motels as there was no one at the one i got a reservation at and the sign said “Will Return” and had a clock showing 4:30. Well, I waited for an hour and then went down the road. Sorry Charlie, I know you’re a small business, but I wanted out of my car. Road Kill Tally: 3 URKO 1 deer 1 elk 1 rabbit 1 Ford Focus (yellow, PA plates, stuck nose first in the salt flats)