Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Kum & Go This picture is for KP. It’s where I started my day in Iowa. Nebraska is one heck of a long drive. Western Nebraska is pretty: big rolling hills, big blue sky with white puffy clouds. Good stuff. Oh yeah, Nebraska’s license plate is butt ugly. Wyoming, however, has very nice license plates. I wonder if I can buy a sample of one sometime. Nebraska Nebraska

License plates courtesy R.T.’s Blank Plates. Oh yes. Almost every single driver from Colorado heading west was blowing down the highway (and the speed limit was 75, thank you Nebraska) going way to fast and Gord forbid if you were in their way, they’d ride your butt to where you couldn’t even see their headlights. Asses. I know not everyone from Colorado is that way, but I’m going to think it’s most people from those loonies. Strangely, on the major interstate in Nebraska I didn’t see one State Trooper (or any law enforcement for that matter). No Thumbin' It Speaking of wanting, I also want one of these signs. It’s probably one of the best no signs I’ve ever seen. More Dreamcatcher today. The third part, it turns out, is only about 6 hours (rather than 8) and as a result I only about 45 minutes left. It’s pretty good, but very detailed and sort of ‘bouncy’ in it’s flow. The audio books are good. I’m sure I’d be sick of music by now. One thing that really sucks is that I don’t have an intarweb connection and I desperately want to look up some stuff about CSS and such. Oh well, only 2 more days. I’ll live. I’m sure the spam is piling up right now, that should be fun to handle once i get to Oakland. Road Kill Tally: 4 deer 4 raccoons 3 URKO 2 prarie dogs