Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

West Des Moines, Iowa

Today was an easy day to drive. It was sunny and warm all day (unlike yesterday which was pretty much just rain or rain-like clouds all day). The operative key phrase for the day is bug guts. Don’t you just love them splattered all over your windshield (and the front of your car)? Traffic was light and construction was nowhere near as bad as when i did this last time. darn worm babies While in the Indiana/Illinois messy-plex of highways I saw a truck that had that writing on it. I’m not sure what it says (probably some company name) but because it had “zim” on it it made me start yelling at the crapy drivers. Things like “move you filthy humans!” and “you darn worm babies!”. Unfortunately neither of my cats were willing to act like Gir and fetch me my weapons. The cats were better today. Polly only blicked a little, but no drool. She and Joe mostly just chilled out in the space I setup for them in the trunk. For a little bit both Polly and Joe were asleep on the pillow on the front seat, but that didn’t last that long. At one point Polly got freaked out by me getting back into the car and tried to go between the seat and the B column. Once she realized she was stuck (no room to go further back, no traction to back up) she started squeaking so I had to pull her out. More Dreamcatcher today. I’m having a hard time imagining it as a movie. I just can’t imagine what would be cut or changed. I guess I’ll have to rent it sometime. At one point I did take a break from the audio books and put in the Johnny Cash album I got. Wow! It’s a really solid album. There are quite a few covers and Cash does an excellent job of making them sound like something other than the originals (Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode, and a few others). I know this will be going into my regular rotation right along with the punk and stuff. I also listened to the Gob. I think I need to listen to it some more. I like the last album a lot and this one has great stuff in it, but I was itchin’ for more audio book so i didn’t listen too hard. Road Kill Tally: 6 raccoons 4 deer 3 possums 1 skunk 1 URKO