Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Maumee, Ohio

Yay for Maumee, Ohio. I could have driven farther today, but forcing myself to 9 hours (or so) driving each day is a good thing. I left New York at about 6:15 this morning so I got into Maumee at about 3:45pm (or thereabouts). Like I said, I could have driven farther, but I was starting to feel it and the cats seem to like the break from the car. Tomorrow I think I will leave a bit later, sleep more, repack the car a little differently, etc. Speaking of cats, they did okay today. Polly cried a bunch and did the flicking her toung out and drooling (what I refer to as “blicking”). She’s fine now that we’re in the motel room. Most of the time she and Joe were in the trunk area hiding. Polly did sit out on the front seat and actually slept a bit, which is more than I expected her to do. Joe spending most of his time in the trunk was a bit of a surprise though. He kept trying to climb on me and I think got scared when I pushed him away (there’s just not enough room and I don’t want him in the way when I’m driving). I listened to Less Than Jake and NOFX. Both are great as usual. The LTJ is a bit odd. As my friend Matt noticed the horns are mixed different (more like a guitar and less like a vocal like on past records) and “Look What Happened” was re-recorded with no friggin’ horns! What the?!?!? Someone needs to ask them. Hmm, note to self, do that once you have intarweb access again. I also listened to most of the first third of Dreamcatcher. Man, at seven hours in it’s crazy that the story is only about 1/3 over. Steven King is nothing if not detailed. Road Kill Tally: 6 raccoons 4 deer 4 porcupines 4 Unidentified Road Kill Objects (URKO) 3 possums